Reviews on Lovelywholesale

In this lovelywholesale review you will know everything about the online website lovelywholesale. We will consider all aspects of positive and negative together. We will guide you to take advantage of this site through our reviews. With the development of technology, we have now started to take our needs from home with online shopping sites. In these corona-virus days, it makes no sense to go to the store and put our life in danger. Why take our lives at risk when shopping from home through online sites? If you are looking for a quality, cheap and reliable shopping portal, lovelywholesale is just for you. Let’s take a closer look at lovelywholesale!

What is the lovelywholesale?

Lovelywholesale is a online shopping website which has rich content about clothing. Although it is a clothing store, there are many accessories, jewelry and fashion products in it. In this site, where you can find many dresses and jeans with lots of patterns from every color, you will also buy cheaper with the point system. The biggest problem of people is that they cannot choose or find clothes according to their own size. The wide size range of this site will help you find the right size. In addition to everyday outfits, you can find halloween costumes, cosplay outfits and many other costums. It is rich not only in clothes but also accessories. Lovelywholesale is a china based site and there are many products in it. With quality and trendy clothes, lovelywholesale quickly gained the trust of stylish people. It has become a worldwide known and used site, especially the USA, Britain and France.

The catogories of the Lovelywholesale:

Tops: You can find various colored blouses and sweaters and t-shirts. You can find quality t-shirts in every color you can wear. Top clothing area for all sizes and ages.

Bottoms: In this category, you can find pants, jeans, skirts, shorts in various sizes. You can easily find your size on this site, especially when it is difficult to find a plus size in the bottom clothing.

Dresses: The indispensable piece of clothing for women is dress. In a beautiful dress, women feel very confident and happy. The dress category has always been our favorite category. In the dress category, you can find all the dresses you can think. Party dresses, casual dresses, short and long dresses, prom dresses, Halloween dresses and more are available in this category. You can find dresses in all sizes.


Jumpsuits is the indispensable product of your wardrobes with its wearable feature in summer and winter! You can find jumpsuits in any size suitable for kids and women.

Two pieces

There are two-piece dresses, two-piece t-shirts, two-piece combinations in this category, which is not available in many online stores. These styles, which you will not find in shopping malls, are here with great discounts.

Outer wear and coats

Coats to wear on cold winter days, seasonal jackets, denim jackets, raincoats and sports hoods. The indispensable products in your wardrobe are in this category.

Swim wears

It’s time to swim. Indispensable summer bikinis and swimsuits are in this category.


We talked about the dresses, now it is time to talk about accessories to win the hearts of women. Lovelywholesale accessories can be purchased both for the gift and for a reward to yourself. A lot of products are waiting for you from rings to earrings, gloves to hats, wristbands and sunglasses.

Where is Lovelywholesale located?

It is a website established in China but has customers all over the world, especially in the USA, Britain and France. It is said to be one of the most visited shopping sites worldwide. No matter which country you are in because There is cargo shipping and delivery to everywhere. Although there is cargo to everywhere, the price may vary depending on where you are.

How long does it take for Lovelywholesale to deliver?

With the cargo system, it sends you with 3 different cargo options. There are fast, affordable and standard shipping options. You can choose anyone according to your budget. Some comments have been said to take too long about delivery. Sometimes the customers say that it takes to 6 months. If your budget is enough, we recommend you to choose fast shipping and also to receive 1 dollars guarantee. If the items never reaches you, you can request a refund of your money. If you encounter any problems with the products you receive, if the products are defective or damaged, you can contact custo. service and request a refund.

Is Lovelywholesale a legit company?

Yes, it is a legit website. some sites sell illegally, and this can be dangerous. The products may not reach you. Since legit is a site, you can shop with peace of mind. It is not a illegal site. It is really difficult to trust and shop on an online shop because technology brought fraud with it. Giving your credit card information from your hold address and someone that you do not know, knows who you are. Isn’t it scary? That’s why every person is afraid of unknown sites when shopping online. That’s why we needed to tell you this information. So, you do not have to worry.

Does lovely wholesale clothes run small?

Yes, they are run small outfits. The clothes are shrinkable, so they suggest you order a size largely. When you receive the dress, it may be 1 size smaller. When you wash the dress in the machine, there may be shrinkage. So if yo want to secure your order and you can order 1 size larger outfit. Plus size is included.

Is there any mobile app of the website?

Yes, the site has a mobile application but is not in use. Many users complain about the inadequacy and failure of my mobile application. Because a lot of people prefer to shop easily from mobile applications, the site should improve itself in this direction.

Service of Lovelywholesale:

For our reviews, in this section we will make an analysis of the lovelywholesale service. Choosing your favorite products, if you want to make an order, you will click to order information. Customer service will be your guide to your order.

Shipping Options

According to lovelywholesale reviews, the shipping service may takes longer than you thought. However, you will get your product eventually. They say the cargo may be distorted, but the product will be intact. Some cargoes are delayed or have been missing for months. If the product does not arrive or your product came in the post office the wrong size or the size of the product you chose did not fix you. You can change your order and even get your money back. Do not lost your ticket link for money order. Everything has a solution, just relax.


It is very easy to buy an outfit but, nobody wants to buy a product that will rupture and discolor it shortly after buying it. The most crucial point of this site is that you can get high quality items at cheap prices. The most important reason for world-famous artists and stylish people to shop on this site is that the unique pieces are affordable. Everyone has shoes, shirts and pants that they use for a long time. It is difficult to find those items again for some reason. The memories and spiritual meaning of those items are very important to us. therefore, it is very important to buy a high quality product.

Customer Service

The customer service of the lovelywholesale helps you in many areas. If you encounter any problems, you can reach them through the custo. service number or the sections on the official website. If there is a defect in product related problems, cargo related problems, you can ask for help from this service. Service works with great devotion. Provides 24/7 service to solve your problems. It provides support and service before and after sales. You can demand return policy. You can read the policy and have information. Customer service asks about how you find the quality of service after your purchase. Your thoughts and reviews are very important for the development of the lovelywholesale site. You can write your opinions and reviews about the site and the product in the sub-comments section of the site. All rights reserved by the lovelywholesale. If no solution was found, you can request .

Payment Method

You can use the following ways to pay for a dress of your choice.

PayPal- PayPal is a secure payment system that is mostly preferred by international buyers. Once you pay with PayPal, your card information will be displayed automatically the next time you shop. You do not have to rewrite your information every time you shop.

Credit Card/ Debit Card-If you do not have a PayPal account, you can use your Credit/ Debit Card. Make sure that your card have the Credit Card/ Debit Card specialty. Even if some cards have this feature, they are closed to online shopping. You can open your card for online shopping at your bank.

To trust online payments methods can be confusing, but once you did it, you will understand how it is easy. Going store, choosing your dress and payment is more confusing and complicated. Love wholesale makes everything easy for you.

Return & Refund

Lovelywholesale has no return policy however, if you get any destroyed package or items. You can inform the custo. service, they will refund you. Of course they are dealing with all the messages one by one. Not guarantee your money will be back to you. When you return the damaged items, they take the items for inspection. They examine who caused the damage. If the damage is caused by the site, they will return your money to you, but if you damaged the items or caused damage due to external factors, they will not refund your money. So, money order depends upon the custo service’s examination. The lack of any guarantee in this regard may be a x factor. If there is no problem arising from you, your money will be returned.

Shipping & Delivery

The most beautiful feature is that the cargo has 3 shipping options. You can choose the cargo that suits your budget and time with fast, medium and cheap cargo options. Each option’s shipping costs is different. If you choose fast shipping, it will be delivered to you within 3 business days with expensive shipping costs. If you choose medium or standard shipping, it will be delivered to you within 6-10 business days with standard shipping costs. If you choose cheap shipping, it will be delivered to you within 15-25 business days with cheap shipping costs. Important thing is do not lose tracking number. Cargo shipping available worldwide. wherever you are, you can get the products through the shipping service.

Of course, there is no standard fee. The size and weight of the cargo are taken into account. A price will be created by looking at these factors. If it exceeds a certain price, the shipping fee may drop or come for free. If you want to secure your order, all you have to do is pay $ 1 more. Your order will be guaranteed after you pay 1 dollar. Free shipping is only available on selected products and products with a certain price range. Small and valuable items jewelry and buckles are usually free shipping.

Lovelywholesale Pros:

The abundant products range means you can find the items you want in lovelywholesale. For example, you can find high waist pipe trousers that you are looking for everywhere. You can find your red poncho here. You can find your shiny boots here. In addition, you can find all these amazing pieces at a very affordable price. You can compare prices with similar products. So you can bring it at the most affordable price. This online store ships worldwide. You can buy products wherever you are. Lovelywholesale provides convenience to you with multiple payment options. You can pay the products you received in a very safe way. Lovelywholesale customer service is very helpful and active. You can reach them all the time. If you have any problem, you can request money order

Lovelywholesale Cons:

Assuming that you are in another country, of course, the shipping fee will be equivalent to the items you will receive. For our reviews, this may be the issue you most complain about lovelywholesale. Because nobody wants to pay a more shipping fee than the dress, of course this may not apply to every shopping. It is our duty to tell you that you may encounter these problems. It has a mobile application, but it is an unusable application. That’s why shopping on the official website. It may be a minus that the mobile app is out of function. And finally, you need an account to place an order. So you cannot order without being a member. For our reviews, we have compiled the negative aspects of the site for you.

Reviews & Comments

Lovelywholesale reviews have compiled the user opinions found under many products and on reliable reviews pages. You can think better about the products you will buy based on these views. You can shop comfortably. We chose the comments that will help you out of hundreds of comments. The biggest problem in the comments to the store is about the late delivery of the products. Customers complain that they are unable to receive the products for as long as 6 months. They even claim that some products never reached their hands. These comments can be a little worrying. It is seen in the comments that the customers whose products reach their hands are very satisfied with the quality of the products. This shows that the products quality and variety are real. Unfortunately, the shipping problem prevents us from accessing beautiful products. They need to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Now, we will tell you the average lovelywholesale comments and ratings of the world famous review websites.

In Reseller Ratings, Voted average is 2.4 /10, there are 193 reviews.

In Trust pilot, Voted average is 2.1 /10, there are 117 reviews.

In Panda check, Voted average is 3.2/ 5, there are 54 reviews.

In Site jabber, Voted average is 2.2 /5, there are reviews.

Will you be charged an extra fee when entering countries? No, your transaction will be closed only after you pay the items and shipping money. You do not have to pay another fee. If you have ordered a item for the US that exceeds $ 500, then you will pay a tax fee.

Is There Any Lovelywholesale Coupon That I Can Use?

Yes but there is another system mostly used. Unlike most online shopping sites, lovelywholesale site uses a very different system, not a lovelywholesale coupon system. Lovelywholesale has a point system but you can use some coupons as well . You earn points from your purchases and you get discounts with these pigs. With the point system, the points you earn from your purchases will facilitate your next shopping. You earn 1 point for each dollar of your purchase. You can spend your points later.

I ordered a dress in a small size, but I received an xl dress, what should I do?

First of all, the person who makes a mistake in this kind of confusion is completely the lovelywholesale service. So everyone is on your side. In such a case, you must first inform lovelywholesale custo. service or sales department via your email address. After the service has reviewed your order and confirmed the misunderstanding, can offer you a few suggestions. They will get back to you with a solution within 7 business days. You can get all the money back and prepare an order again. You do not have to re-order.


We have reviewed lovelywholesale site for you to shop online. Before placing an order, this site offers you a lot of quality products. The website have won many fashion designers and stylish people hearts with their outfit range. It is quite assertive not only with clothing but also with accessories. Plus size is available, no matter which size you are in, you are given a guarantee that you can find something for yourself.

You must have an account to log in to the site. An email a is sufficient for register. You can also use your PayPal or Credit/Debit card for payment. There is no possibility to pay at the door.

The site offers you 3 options for shipping. If you want a fast shipping, you prefer fast shipping with high shipping cost. If you want a cheap cargo shipping, you can choose that with cheap shipping cost, and finally standard shipping with standard speed and cheap shipping cost is available.

Custo. service is available to deal with any problems you encounter. If you receive a wrong size or garbled dress, you can apply here. They will guide you to the most suitable solution. You can also indicate problems related to cargo here. If your cargo has not arrived, and you are tired of waiting for that dress, you can request a refund or money order. As it is a legal site, you will be comfortable with your order.

Rather than ordering only few items, it makes more sense to order wholesale and earn more points. It will be a more profitable shopping with the money you save. You can make a price comparison because it is available from several different brands of a outfit. The prices are very affordable, but the cargo money is very costly. We recommend that you consider this. We leave it up to you whether you prefer this shop which we cover here in every aspect for you.

Even if there are no familiar brand products, very high quality products are waiting for you. If you want to visit this site we have compiled for you, you can go to