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Promo code is required. Minimum order amount is $50. Available for home category

Promo code is required. Minimum order amount is $50. Available for plus size category

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Lovelywholesale coupon is our main topic today. Before we examine coupons, let’s have a look at the website little bit. A world-famous delivery site Lovelywholesale gives you high quality and a great variety of clothes.

We will compile this store and its opportunities for you in this lovelywholesale review. You will not find not only normal size clothing but also big size clothing. We will mostly talk about coupon deals and the point system. Now everything is expensive, old prices are a thing of the past. So wherever we get a discount, we shop from there.

Lovelywholesale site offers you discount opportunities in the awareness of this. You will get the best discount coupons and lovelywholesale promo codes, orders over 50 dollars you will get additional products only 1 dollars and best student discount. We will talk about lovely wholesale coupon codes, lovelywholesale promo codes and others opportunities. We will guide you to get best discount on total offers.

What are the Lovelywholesale Coupons?

The coupons can be considered as in 3 category. In the first category, there are discount lovelywholesale coupons from popular stores. Popular stores give you free lovelywholesale coupon code. The other one is lovelywholesale promo codes, which are given for promotion by popular stores members. The last one is lovelywholesale coupon codes which are given inside of the website. Over 10 off orders, you will start to get coupons.

Another feature of the site is that it offers new product add-ons to the clothes you buy. The price of this additional product is only 1 or 2 dollars. Thus, you get two products at a cheap price. Orders over 50 dollars, you will get an additional gift.

If you are a student, this lovelywholesale site has considered to you too. After confirming that you are a student, the site gives you a 10 percent discount coupon.

There are separate discount code for the summer. These codes are in a separate category. Usually you can use it in summer products section.

Where is lovelywholesale located?

Rather than the other stores, lovelywholesale is a china based website. It has customers especially in the USA, Britain and France. It is said to be a world famous site. Because the prices of the products are very affordable, their quality is high. It has delivery everywhere, wherever you are.

How long does it take for lovelywholesale to ship?

Rather than the other stores, there is 3 shipping options, which are fast, affordable and standard shipping and free shipping. Fast s. can be expensive, it may cost you above your product. Affordable s. can be considered as cheap, but it may take time to delivery. Standard s. is not very expensive nor take so much time to receive your package. Last one is free shipping, free shipping is above 99 dollars orders and small and valuable items jewelry comes with free shipping. You can choose anyone according to your budget. If your budget is enough, we recommend you to choose fast shipping and also to receive 1 dollars guarantee. If the items never reaches you, you can request a refund of your money. If you encounter any problems with the products you receive, if the products are defective or damaged, you can contact customer service and request a refund. Popular stores does not contain so many cargo options.

Of course, there is no standard fee. The size and weight of the cargo are taken into account. A price will be created by looking at these factors. If it exceeds a certain price, the shipping fee may drop or come for free. If you want to secure your order, all you have to do is pay $ 1 more. Your order will be guaranteed after you pay 1 dollar. Free shipping is only available on selected products and products with a certain price range. Small and valuable items jewelry and buckles are usually free shipping on orders.

How long does lovelywholesale take to deliver?

Each option’s shipping costs is different. If you choose fast shipping, it will be delivered to you within 3 business days with expensive shipping costs. If you choose medium or standard shipping, it will be delivered to you within 6-10 business days with standard shipping costs. If you choose cheap shipping, it will be delivered to you within 15-25 business days with cheap shipping costs. Important thing is do not lose tracking number. Cargo shipping available worldwide. wherever you are, you can get the products through the shipping service.

After you see the total offers, some products come with free shipping. Promotional items or very expensive jewelry come also free shipping. Thanks to some codes, the product can come with free shipping.

So what happens if your cargo doesn’t arrive? or what happens if a broken missing or wrong product arrives? Do not worry, immediately notify the customer service in such questions. Later, customer service will examine who caused the problem. If the problem is not caused by you, you can get your money back.

Does lovelywholesale clothes run small?

The clothes are shrinkable, so they suggest you order a size largely. When you receive the dress, it may be 1 size smaller. When you wash the dress in the machine, there may be shrinkage. It is better to order 1 size bigger.

Does lovelywholesale have free shipping?

Yes, in some orders above 99 dollars, you will get free delivery. If you shop collectively instead of one by one, you will bring the orders with free shipping. Our suggestion is to order all your needs in bulk. Bulk order is the best for the lovelywholesale.

Lovelywholesale Coupons Pros:

There are many discount offers and separate coupons in lovelywholesale website. Lovelywholesale clothing is a completely legal site where many people shop. If you are a student, you can benefit from a special discount. You can use special coupon codes for the summer months. You can use your coupon code not only in dresses but also accessories. Related stores also offer coupon codes for lovelywholesale. With 3 different delivery options, you can choose the most suitable shipment for your budget and time. Lovelywholesale helps you with 2 different payment options. If you are a big size, there are plus size products on this site. Plus size products are waiting you. With all these coupons you will get the best discount and see your total offers.

Lovelywholesale Coupons Cons:

Although the products are very affordable, the shipping is very expensive. Sometimes the cargo is too late and even the orders does not arrive for months. The biggest complaints come to the site for cargo. Free shipping comes to very expensive products orders. The lovely wholesale site needs to find a solution to the cargo. In addition, the mobile app is unavailable, products are not renewed and ordered.


Lovelywholesale is an online store that attracts attention with the price suitability and product diversity that hundreds of people enter and shop every day. Not only outfit, but also accessories, sunglasses, masks and shoes are available. Your job is very easy because there are products in every color, size and style. You may encounter many YouTubers and blogger product promotions. Popular stores and YouTubers recommend this store’s high quality and affordable. It made your job easier for you with a variety of cargo and various payment methods. If you order bulk products, you will get free shipping. To benefit from the many lovelywholesale discounts and coupon codes we have mentioned, all you have to do is to sign up and start shopping.